Sunday School Groups

The purpose of our Sunday School groups is to educate our members using the Bible as our reference and Southern Baptist Sunday school resources.  Sunday school groups provide a relaxed atmosphere in which members can learn, ask questions, share prayer concerns and fellowship together. 

Director - Marlin Seymore
Assistant Director - Kyle Carter
Nursery  -  Lasonchia Howard
Toddlers (18 mo.-2 years) - Tanya Gillyard, Linda Thrailkill
3 yrs.-Preschool - Teresa Chandler & Lisa Davis
1st-6th Grades - Cheryl Popham, Michael Gillyard
7th-12th Grades - Leslie Carter
College and Career - Rebekah Clark
Young Families - Michael Gillard, Luke Taylor
Friends and Followers - Patsy Moretz
Light Seekers - Theresa Bryant, James Carter, Kaye Jones, Greg Hardin and Jerry McMichael
Joy Class (Ladies) - Carolyn Snuggs, Jerry Threadgill
Delaney Boyd (Senior Ladies) - Jo Clark
Senior Men - Benny Atcheson, Bert Seago
Teachers at Large - Brenda Atcheson, Tanya Gillyard, Greg Hardin, David Popham, Sherri Seymore, Diane Roberts